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Theses tools are currently not for sale. Maybe soon

If you want more informations about these tools, send me an email at : rauquenrol@yahoo.fr




Tree painter V2

Update :

00:28 - 1:33 : Custom leaf Animations.
1:34 - 2:20 : Multiple leaves types.
2:23 - 3:02 : Leaves distribution by branches types.
3:03 - 4:35 : Paint on surfaces and other branches.
4:35 - 10:35 : Wind animation. Force by branch type.
10:35 - 12:03 : Modify trees over growth and wind animation.



Tree painter R&D

My last Tool developpement.
With some features like in SpeedTree.
You can paint trunks and branches in 3dsmax viewport, with many control options.
Auto-Grow feature for trunk, branches and leaves.
Auto-Rigged branches.
You can finally baked it in one static or point-cached mesh.
Still in developpement.



Maxscript Joystick 

A joystick only programmed with Maxscript.

It returns a point2 value, so it can control what you want : positions, rotations, scales, or any variable.





fStretch for Softimage 

inspired by this one for maya : vimeo.com/21317049

The compound detects point tension and compression to preserve volume and so create wrincles.
You can use point normals to displace the mesh or two sculpted shapes (morphs, blendshapes) to deform exactly as you want.

The face is really not perfect, the rig was done quickly last Sunday to try my tool, and it is my first face rig on Softimage, it could be better, but you have an idea of what it can do.

I don't forget 3dsmax users, I also have an fStretch 3dsmax prototype, I'm still working on it.



Maxscript Modifiers VS Softimage ICE



I'm still learning softimage and I wondered if I could easily translate my MAXScript tools on Softimage.

Tests on point push and a muscle deformer.

Result: It is much easier on ICE. we have access to more information. For example In maxscript, it is impossible to get the vertex normal in real time without lag. In Softimage is simple. Raycast is also faster.
Overall ICE is really much more simple and fast . logic programing and the "code" is the same but it is better integrated.



Old tests done in 3dsmax.
1: cloth
2: PFlow + Frost
3+4 : Kinect Scan
5: Selective Morpher
6: Pflow
7+8: PFlow + Frost
9+10: Pflow
11 : Fracture Voronoï + Physics + PFlow
12: Pflow
13 : No Cloth, Surface from Animated splines
14+15: SimCloth
16+17: Flex
18: Spline animation


Particle Tree R&D

a Tool still in developpement created last year.
Using PFlow.
Animated grow, Collision with mesh, all parameters are keyable, Sun Influence, leaves grow...



Grow Tree R&D

My 1st pure Maxscript tree Creator.
using L-system (Lindenmayer Systems)
Still In developpement.

With Sun Influence and many parameters and random values.
The final tree is rigged.
for now only straight lines.
You can Save and Reload parameters, change steps values... 

I think I will improve it with my spline grow fonctions : vimeo.com/39591185




Collision R&D

Maxscript Experimentations using Collisions.

1st : Uncollider Maxscript : to prevent a selection of objects to collide, position, rotation and scale values. realtime and, or keyframe
2nd : Collision Rigger : A maxscript to create a point for all vertex position, or only at vertex selection position. The Mesh is influenced by these points using skin, the object is deformed when it collides another.

3rd : Collision Deformer : A Maxscript plugin that can be applied to any object, and generate multiple style vertex deformations when collides to an objects list..




TEST Broken Arm

It's just a technical test for a project with zombies.

I'll test more gore effects.



MultiLeg AutoWalk TEST

A test using a feature of my rigging tool (RIG HUNTER).

Automatic meg baking, folowing the body animation, the ground and some other parameters like distance, height, speed...etc 






Facial Mocap Automatic Wrincles Test

Facial Mocap using 2D tracking (After Effects)

and my facial autorig Maxscript.

Auto Volume Preservation

Auto Wrincles Deformations.

You can see a demo of my facial autorig Tool Here.




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