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Theses tools are currently not for sale. Maybe soon

If you want more informations about these tools, send me an email at : rauquenrol@yahoo.fr


Morph UI Creator


A maxscript to Auto create morph UI.
Multiple UI types : 4, 3 and 2 morphs linker.





Realtime Spring and Distance Constraint


experimentations arround custom realtime spring and distance constraints.

Dowload :

Realtime Spring 
Distance Constraint




IKFK Stretch & Bend V1



This maxscript is to help build an IK FK bone chain.
With features like stretch (better squash options soon ), bend arm, twist bones, scale,
IK FK autosnap, correct shoulder or hip deformations.
Sorry about the bad skinning around the wrist, it was done quickly, and cause wrong deformations when it stretch.

Updates : better Squash options.






Over Morpher V2


Other Tests with the over morpher.
Updates : 
- random morphs
- random on selection to easily create crowds
- Point cache Autowalk : animation based on travel distance, and auto rotation following trajectory.

Tests with another script still in developpement : Mini Crowd.




Over Morpher

A new tool, written this afternoon to solve a problem
I need to populate a scene with many characters.

So, I model a simple character, rig it with biped, load some mocap animations and export point cache animations.
With this method I can load in my scene many characters with different animations without any rig.
But I ask myself after if it's possible to deform each character to add variations, and having different morphologies.
And I don't want to generate too many point cache files (a walk animation fat, slim, big head...)
The solution is to deform the mesh on top of the Point cache modifier.
I try with a morpher, but it collapse animation, you can do it with an edit poly on top of The pointcache, or a mesh_select with a push, an ffd...etc
but you have to modify it by hand for each character, and to be fast I want some presets.

So I write a maxscript plugin to do something like the morpher but with an additive method, and it keep the animation under it.



Maxscript Joystick 

A joystick only programmed with Maxscript.

It returns a point2 value, so it can control what you want : positions, rotations, scales, or any variable.




 Mouth Rigger

- unlimited number of control points
- unlimited number of bones
- Sticky lips
- Jaw Influence
- Volume preserve "not perfect"



Feather Rigger

A Maxscript Tool for feather Rigging.
Features :
- Feathers Scale by Vertex Color
- Random rotations and scales
- Feathers on vertex selection
- Modeling cage
- Additional helpers to control rotations, scale and wind by distance.
- 3dsMax Wind Force
- Dynamic delay
- Adjustable feather geometry
- 3dsmax deflectors collisions




Mocap Cartoon

Old Test done last year.

With few points for faster and easyer mocap.
The head model is from turbosquid.
Rigged with few bones and controllers



FERTILIGEN : Rigging Making Of

Rigging and Maxscripts for LadyBug and Aphids.
IK/FK, Save/Load poses, MirrorPoses, Quick autowalk, Autofly...




Walker Procedural Autorig

A Maxscript Tool to create automatic walk cycle and project it on the ground.
Realtime walking moving the master.
The walkcycle is multiplied by the traveled distance using custom scripted controllers.
It can be applied on legs but also on all animated bones or rig controllers.

I only have a little slide problem to solve.


MultiLeg AutoWalk TEST

A test using a feature of my rigging tool (RIG HUNTER).

Automatic meg baking, folowing the body animation, the ground and some other parameters like distance, height, speed...etc 





Spline IK

A tool for helping bending limbs effortlessly.
You can add Controll points where and when you want during the animation process to refine the curve.
Twist bones with no flipping.
For easy control ropes, bendy arms...

Updates :

A new version with 3 Improvements.

Constant Stretch or not.

Twist with Offset control.


I Still have some flipping problems, I'll try to fix.




Face AutoRig


Voici un outil terminé récemment qui permet de réaliser sur n'importe quel visage un Rig Facial Automatique.

Il comporte aussi plusieurs outils très pratiques comme des fonction de Mirror de pose,

un manager de poses qui permet de sauvegarder et reloader des expressions faciales.

Bientôt une fonction de sauvegarde d'animation.

J'ai aussi mis en place une méthode de motion capture faciale, à base de tracking 2D,

et un nouveau script qui permet de transférer les clefs des points trackés sur mes controllers.



Facial Mocap Automatic Wrincles Test

Facial Mocap using 2D tracking (After Effects)

and my facial autorig Maxscript.

Auto Volume Preservation

Auto Wrincles Deformations.


Rotation Spring


A Comparison between my 3 new tools :

Tentacle creator, Rotation Spring and Rotation-Tentacle-Spring.

The first is a procedural animation tool for tentacle motion.

The second is like a spring, but on rotations. You can apply it on a bone Chain.

It creates delay rotations following translations and rotations of the master or its parent. 

the third is a combination of these two tools : A spring delay rotation added to a Tentacle motion.




Tentacle Creator


A Maxscript to create procedural tentacle animations on a bone chain.

You can control speed, amplitude, offset... on X, Y  and Z axis.

You can Also apply random values, and animate the properties.





Rot Follow Movement


This tool add a Float Script on the selected object. It forces the object to always rotate (or lookat), following

the movement of the Master. You don't have to rotate the object by yourself, only to translate the Master in autokey.




Sticky Cluster


A new maxscript tool to add controllers to a mesh animated by morphers.

These controllers follow the mesh deformations, and you can skin your mesh with them.

You can add morphers after the creation of clusters, or at any time.

You can move, scale, rotate, these clusters to refine your deformations.

(Sorry the script is applied to an old model).



Bend Biped



It adds to the biped bend joints on Arms and Legs.
A slider on Hands and Feets control the bend value.
It also can be use to create good twist bones.
It adds the ability to stretch the Arms and legs.

You just have to skin using these new bones and not the biped ones.
But you animate using the original biped bone








This is a demo of my tool in progress : 

Rig Hunter Biped

A realistic Autorig for Arm and Hand.

No Muscles, only Bones, Scripted controllers and classic skinning.


Column and Head are ready too, I have to finish the Legs.

The aim is to obtain a fully customizable, realistic and user friendly autorig.


Created in 3dsmax, in July 2011

You can see an animation created using this tool Here



One of my last tool.

No Spring, no key backing, just script controller.

Auto-create a scripted bone chain using a point selection.




Auto Wheel

Automatic wheel rigging Tool.
Realtime rotations based on Controler movements

Additional Info: 

Before using my script check that your wheel is oriented in front view

Thanks to lutteral for his base of rotation script.

Version Requirement: 
3DSmax2010, 2011



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