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Theses tools are currently not for sale. Maybe soon

If you want more informations about these tools, send me an email at :


SplinePush Modifier

A new maxscript modifier created to challenge myself.
Based on this tutorial in Softimage ICE :

Create a push deformation along splines, with a lot of controls, and a Curve control to adjust the profile.
You also can offset the deformation, and subdivide the deformation along the spline path.
You can animate everything, even the Curve control, with different animations on each spline.

When you play the animation with the modifier opened, you can see the Curve Control animated too.
If there are keyframes on the CurveControl, it's orange, when you are on a keyframe time, the curve is red.
If there is no keyframes the curve is green.

The math part was really easy to recreate.
The tricky part was to deal with the Curve Control UI to be able to save and reload multiple curves with animation.
It's absolutely not made for it, which is weird, because all the others UI controls can easily be saved.
But I found a kind of hack to get it work.


Offset Modifier

A new modifier for 3dsmax.

it's a bit like a ripple modifier, but directly controlled by an animated point. So you can animate it as you want, keyframed, with a noise controller for exemple or a spring controller to add dynamics.
You can add multiple points and have different parameters on each of them.
Nice to create controlled ripple animations, flesh deformations...etc



Retopo Wrapper Surface Tool


I just created a new option, which allows to draw curves on your mesh to generate the polygons following the curves.
You can change the subdivisions , and also start from an edge selection to continue your topology.

Now the most part of these tools are already projected on the surface, you don't need to activate the Wrap Button for the tools I built, only for the classic editable poly options. 
Maybe some new options soon if I find enough free time.



Retopo Wrapper




This is a quick attempt to make my own retopology tool set.
I've done it this weekend, no plugin, not using the 3dsmax ribbon, only pure maxscript.

You can use all the editable poly tools and shortcuts that you know, it 'll project the selected sub-element (vertex, edge, face) on the closest surface.


Snow GUN Painter

A new tool for the SnowGun Toolset.

You can use BlobMesh or Frost option if you have it.
The tool is more interesting and powerfull with Frost but it still works very well with the BlobMesh option.
To create Snow exactly where you want, but it could be use for many different things.

You directly paint geometry on Selected objects.
press Ctrl to add geometry to itself
press Alt to delete geometry
press Shift to draw branches
the others controls are on the BlobMesh or Frost options.

You can create multiple "Blobs" with different meshing options, and pick them when you want to continue working on it, you can bake it in poly when finished.


Snow GUN Realtime

A quick adaptation of SNOWGUN but... in REALTIME !!!

Only the crunch borders is not realtime and is created in one click button with fiew options.

You can snow all your scene in one time.
Or for different reasons snow your scene by object or by group of objects with different parameters.

You can change each option on the fly, and if you don't collapse the mesh you can animate all the options.


Snow GUN

Snow projection with projection direction



A realtime collision map generator
Creates a collision map on the Uv coordinates of the ground mesh
The collider have to be an edit mesh
You can choose or create your own brush alpha maps
You can bake it as a jpeg sequence for displacement for exemple.

Collision Tesselate

Only works on Edit mesh



Snow Gun Deform

Copy the Script in Maxscript Startup Folder.

Steps : 

0: the coordinates of the Ground object have to be on 0 0 0

1: clic on get normals

2: pick the colliders you want

3: move the time slider to deform

4: Before baking, choose the start and the end frame

5: click on bake animation, it'll copy the mesh and bake the animation on the new one. Or you also can use a point cache to bake the deformation.



Wall Builder

A new tool quickly made on my spare time for walls creation.

special options : offset to put different walls together ; you can create a wall following a spline ; random fonctions to randomise bricks ; random colors in a multisubobject.

you can keep all the bricks separate (for exemple to simulate physics destructions) or collapse your wall in one mesh.
You also can use boolean to create holes or windows.



Tree painter V2

Update :

00:28 - 1:33 : Custom leaf Animations.
1:34 - 2:20 : Multiple leaves types.
2:23 - 3:02 : Leaves distribution by branches types.
3:03 - 4:35 : Paint on surfaces and other branches.
4:35 - 10:35 : Wind animation. Force by branch type.
10:35 - 12:03 : Modify trees over growth and wind animation.



Tree painter R&D

My last Tool developpement.
With some features like in SpeedTree.
You can paint trunks and branches in 3dsmax viewport, with many control options.
Auto-Grow feature for trunk, branches and leaves.
Auto-Rigged branches.
You can finally baked it in one static or point-cached mesh.
Still in developpement.


Morph UI Creator

A maxscript to Auto create morph UI.
Multiple UI types : 4, 3 and 2 morphs linker.





Realtime Spring and Distance Constraint

experimentations arround custom realtime spring and distance constraints.

UPDATES : bake and unbake options, lookat improvements.


Dowload :

Realtime Spring 
Distance Constraint



MULTI Link Info

A very simple script. It helps it helps to check and uncheck the Move, Rotate and Scale axis in Link Info.

It works with locks and Inherit Axis on all the objects in selection. 




IKFK Stretch & Bend V1



This maxscript is to help build an IK FK bone chain.
With features like stretch (better squash options soon ), bend arm, twist bones, scale,
IK FK autosnap, correct shoulder or hip deformations.
Sorry about the bad skinning around the wrist, it was done quickly, and cause wrong deformations when it stretch.

Updates : better Squash options.





Over Morpher V2

Other Tests with the over morpher.
Updates :
- random morphs
- random on selection to easily create crowds
- Point cache Autowalk : animation based on travel distance, and auto rotation following trajectory.

Tests with another script still in developpement : Mini Crowd.



Over Morpher

A new tool, written this afternoon to solve a problem
I need to populate a scene with many characters.

So, I model a simple character, rig it with biped, load some mocap animations and export point cache animations.
With this method I can load in my scene many characters with different animations without any rig.
But I ask myself after if it's possible to deform each character to add variations, and having different morphologies.
And I don't want to generate too many point cache files (a walk animation fat, slim, big head...)
The solution is to deform the mesh on top of the Point cache modifier.
I try with a morpher, but it collapse animation, you can do it with an edit poly on top of The pointcache, or a mesh_select with a push, an ffd...etc
but you have to modify it by hand for each character, and to be fast I want some presets.

So I write a maxscript plugin to do something like the morpher but with an additive method, and it keep the animation under it.




Ultimate Painter 

The result of two days experiments around mouseTools.

You can use it to paint and distribute all max objects (copy or instances), on the grid or on surfaces.

With random controls, collisions detection, Attachment surface...

You can paint all the max objects (geometries, helpers, proxies... )





Maxscript Joystick 

A joystick only programmed with Maxscript.

It returns a point2 value, so it can control what you want : positions, rotations, scales, or any variable.





Maxscript Modifiers VS Softimage ICE


I'm still learning softimage and I wondered if I could easily translate my MAXScript tools on Softimage.

Tests on point push and a muscle deformer.

Result: It is much easier on ICE. we have access to more information. For example In maxscript, it is impossible to get the vertex normal in real time without lag. In Softimage is simple. Raycast is also faster.
Overall ICE is really much more simple and fast . logic programing and the "code" is the same but it is better integrated.





Mouth Rigger

- unlimited number of control points
- unlimited number of bones
- Sticky lips
- Jaw Influence
- Volume preserve "not perfect"



Feather Rigger

A Maxscript Tool for feather Rigging.
Features :
- Feathers Scale by Vertex Color
- Random rotations and scales
- Feathers on vertex selection
- Modeling cage
- Additional helpers to control rotations, scale and wind by distance.
- 3dsMax Wind Force
- Dynamic delay
- Adjustable feather geometry
- 3dsmax deflectors collisions




A maxscript to replace a selection of objects by others.

You can enter a percentage by object, and a random scale value.

It replace the objects and copy the position, rotation, scale and visibility animation.

the old objects are placed into a layer named "Replacer_Old"



Spline Tracer

A Maxscript to generate a spline following the movement of the picked object.
The growth is animate, You also can grow bones with the spline, or draw a spline realtime when you move the picked object.


Walker Procedural Autorig

A Maxscript Tool to create automatic walk cycle and project it on the ground.
Realtime walking moving the master.
The walkcycle is multiplied by the traveled distance using custom scripted controllers.
It can be applied on legs but also on all animated bones or rig controllers.

I only have a little slide problem to solve.



Spline IK

A tool for helping bending limbs effortlessly.
You can add Controll points where and when you want during the animation process to refine the curve.
Twist bones with no flipping.
For easy control ropes, bendy arms...

Updates :

A new version with 3 Improvements.

Constant Stretch or not.

Twist with Offset control.


I Still have some flipping problems, I'll try to fix.










Travel Distance

A maxscript Controller to measure and expose the distance traveled by an object.
1: select an object, a point or something else
2: run the script
3: in the modify panel, clic on Pick Reference button and pick the object you want to mesure travel distance.

Now, if you animate the object in autokey, you will see the value changing.
You can use it in wire Parameter or in expressions or script controllers



Anim Transfert


To continue the serie of tools for motion graphics,
I wrote two new scripts that allows to transfer the animation of an object on others with offset.
You can do it in realtime using AnimTransfert-Realtime and bake it in keyframe, or directly using keyframe with AnimTransfert-Keyframe.
AnimTransfert-Keyframe also contains tools for managing your keyframes, move them, shift them, reverse ... 
very useful for moving the keys on hundred objects.



A new test using my Script Anim Transfert.
With random animation on reference Object.
Noise position, rotation or scale.




Radius Influence


A new maxscript tool inspired by C4D tools :

A Sphere Gizmo control position, rotation, scale and visibility of selected objects, you only have to choose the axis you want to animate.

Update : 
I find the way to enhance this script by key baking the objects, so now, no limitations in the number of objects.
You have to select the objects you want to bake and run another script.
It will place old objects in a layer named "OLD" and copy them with their animation but in keyframe.

Demo Scene


Rotation influence Tools :

Free Tools : Detach_Faces , Bake_Objects , Reset_Objects

Bake_Objects : 
You can now bake objects animation in Keyframe.
Do not bake too many objects at the same time.
It copy objects and their animation, but in keyframe, and place the old objects in a layer named "OLD", you can delete them if you want. And delete the sphere if all influenced objects are deleted.

Reset_Objects : 
If you try to delete the sphere gizmo you will have multiple errors, so, to delink the objects of sphere influence, you select them and run the script.



Rotation Spring


A Comparison between my 3 new tools :

Tentacle creator, Rotation Spring and Rotation-Tentacle-Spring.

The first is a procedural animation tool for tentacle motion.

The second is like a spring, but on rotations. You can apply it on a bone Chain.

It creates delay rotations following translations and rotations of the master or its parent. 

the third is a combination of these two tools : A spring delay rotation added to a Tentacle motion.




Tentacle Creator


A Maxscript to create procedural tentacle animations on a bone chain.

You can control speed, amplitude, offset... on X, Y  and Z axis.

You can Also apply random values, and animate the properties.





Rot Follow Movement


This tool add a Float Script on the selected object. It forces the object to always rotate (or lookat), following

the movement of the Master. You don't have to rotate the object by yourself, only to translate the Master in autokey.




Anim Controllers


This tool allows you to assign the most common position and rotation constraints on a selection of objects, and

edit the parameters constraints on the objects in selection in one time.



Render Farm Manager


A new maxscript tool developed at Big Company with the Help of my friend an colleague Jeremy Angonin to manage our render farm.

With this scrip you can kill, start or reboot the backburner Manager, the backburner servers, the Vray Spawners, and the Render Farm Computers.

It works on selected servers or on all the servers.





Sticky Cluster


A new maxscript tool to add controllers to a mesh animated by morphers.

These controllers follow the mesh deformations, and you can skin your mesh with them.

You can add morphers after the creation of clusters, or at any time.

You can move, scale, rotate, these clusters to refine your deformations.

(Sorry the script is applied to an old model).



Grass Animator


It creates grass using existing grass model and ground geometry.
You can use map to distribute grass on the ground.
Many controls on the Master for animation, placement, rotation...
It use a classic 3ds Wind Force, that you can modify (force, turbulence...)





Bend Biped



It adds to the biped bend joints on Arms and Legs.
A slider on Hands and Feets control the bend value.
It also can be use to create good twist bones.
It adds the ability to stretch the Arms and legs.

You just have to skin using these new bones and not the biped ones.
But you animate using the original biped bone








This is a demo of my tool in progress : 

Rig Hunter Biped

A realistic Autorig for Arm and Hand.

No Muscles, only Bones, Scripted controllers and classic skinning.


Column and Head are ready too, I have to finish the Legs.

The aim is to obtain a fully customizable, realistic and user friendly autorig.


Created in 3dsmax, in July 2011

You can see an animation created using this tool Here





Super Cam


Create a Rigged camera

All the parameters are on the Point Master.

You just have to animate the Point master and its parameters (Zoom, FOV...)

You can add noise motion on your camera animation using the spinners on the Point Master.






Multi Boolean

A new tool to perform multiple boolean operations (additions and substrations), in one time.

1. Pick the object wich receive the boolean operations using the first button

2. Use the buttons Addition and Substraction to add objects in the lists.

3. If you want to delete objects in the list you have to double click on it.

4.Click on BOOOOOOOOOOL !!! button and additions and substractions are done.

5. When it's done you can delete or hide operands.






Dummy Resizer

A little Tool to create a Dummy and resize it, using hided Dummy properties.

Do not affect the scale values.








One of my last tool.

No Spring, no key backing, just script controller.

Auto-create a scripted bone chain using a point selection.




Auto Wheel

Automatic wheel rigging Tool.
Realtime rotations based on Controler movements

Additional Info: 

Before using my script check that your wheel is oriented in front view

Thanks to lutteral for his base of rotation script.

Version Requirement: 
3DSmax2010, 2011

Wire Colorizer




This tool will allow you to assign a wirecolor to a selection through a customizable palette.
You can save and reload.

Additional Info: 

1 : Le premier colorpicker permet de décliner la couleur choisie sur les 9 autres.

2 : Les boutons "Set" sous chaque colorpicker assignent la couleur correspondante aux
objects sélectionnés.

3 : le bouton ID place dans chaque colorpicker des couleurs bien distinctes, pour
aider à préparer une passe d'ID.

4 : le bouton Rnd place dans chaque colorpicker une couleur aléatoire.


- Vous pouvez maintenant sauvegarder et recharger, à tout moment et d'une scène à une
autre, vos propres palettes de couleur personnalisées.




Face AutoRig


Voici un outil terminé récemment qui permet de réaliser sur n'importe quel visage un Rig Facial Automatique.

Il comporte aussi plusieurs outils très pratiques comme des fonction de Mirror de pose,

un manager de poses qui permet de sauvegarder et reloader des expressions faciales.

Bientôt une fonction de sauvegarde d'animation.

J'ai aussi mis en place une méthode de motion capture faciale, à base de tracking 2D,

et un nouveau script qui permet de transférer les clefs des points trackés sur mes controllers.


Scene Optimizer

Ce maxscript, très utile en production,
permet de cacher dans un nouveau calque
tous les objets en dehors du champ de la camera.
Sur une seule frame ou une animation complète.
Il s'exécute sur une sélection d'objets.







Noise Animator


Noise Animator

Ce maxscript permet d'appliquer à une sélection d'objets des positions, rotations et scale aléatoires.
Sur une seule frame ou une animation.
Il pose une clef toutes les frames ou toutes les n' frame.

Les axes peuvent être paramétrés séparément et être limités à certaines valeurs.

Outil pratique sur des positions fixes pour ajouter un côté aléatoire, ou pour animer un grand nombre d'objets.







Smooth Distance

Ce maxscript permet d'optimiser les objects qui ont un modifier TurboSmooth.

Il détecte les objets qui ont un turbosmooth et lie le nombre d'itérations à la

distance par rapport à la caméra ou tout autre objet.

Visible dans le viewport pour vérification ou seulement au rendu pour une meilleure optimisation.
Possibilité d'exclure certains objets.
Les fonctions de reset permettent de remettre les itérations à 0 ou à une autre valeur fixe.











Ce Maxscript permet de régler les paramètres de base du PhysXsur les objects sélectionnés. Il évite d'avoir à régler le PhysX des objects un par un.

N'hésitez pas à me faire savoir si vous souhaitez que j'ajoute d'autres fonctions.

Je vais très certainement finir par reproduire entièrement tous les réglages du plugin, pour qu'ils puissent s'appliquer à une selection d'objects.

Download Max 2010 version

Download Max 2011 version 

Alioscopy Previewer 

Ceci est un Maxscript que j'ai développé pour le Studio Big Company à Lyon.

Il fonctionne en accord avec la technologie d'écrans refief sans lunettes d'Alioscopy

Il permet de créer une prévisualisation des 8 caméras nécessaires à l'Alioscopy.

A la frame courante ou sur la durée choisie.

Il créé les dossiers et sous-dossiers requis par le Player d'Alioscopy et y range les images de prévisualisation.

Il génère les images au format requis par Alioscopy.


Cela évite d'avoir à lancer et paramétrer à la main les previews pour les 8 caméras et leurs

dossiers de destination. 







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